About GlynHolton.com

What I believe:

  • Financial risk management is not about avoiding calamities. It is about helping organizations thrive.
  • Without commitment from the board and CEO, risk management is window dressing.
  • Human interactions are more important than numbers or procedures.
  • At the heart of most business disasters is an unacknowledged conflict of interest.
  • If you strive for anything, strive for transparency.
  • Risk managers have many valuable tools, but ethics is the most valuable.

I have worked as a life insurance actuary, a quant and a risk manager. For the past 20 years, I have been an author and independent consultant focusing on financial risk management. Part time, I am also a math professor. My book and journal articles are often cited, but my less formal writing is just as influential. That includes this website.

Why this site?

Risk managers are unsung heroes. They make the news when things go wrong. More often, they succeed in silence. It takes a certain kind of person to accept the job—and to do it well. If you are such a person,  GlynHolton.com is for you.

My purpose is to share knowledge and insights that can make good risk managers exceptional. I cut through risk babble, simplify what doesn’t need to be complex, and focus on tools and techniques that work.

What you will find on this site

Maybe you want to learn about a particular risk measure, or seek guidance in navigating the politics of risk management. You will find plenty about both here. If you want career advice, insights into how other firms manage risk, or “war stories” from my own work, there is plenty of that too.

Because risk management doesn’t happen in a vacuum, I also address related topics, such as markets, investing, trading, financial engineering, regulation and corporate governance.

The site has three types of content:

  1. blog posts – news, insights and opinion
  2. expert notes – short explanatory articles on financial topics
  3. exercise solutions – for readers of my book Value-at-Risk: Theory and Practice

Something you will not find on this site is advertising. The site is not about making money. It is about making a difference—a difference for risk managers and, because their work has consequences, a difference for the world we live in. I answer to no one but my readers. This allows me to address controversial topics or express opinions not favored by powerful interests.

So welcome!

I launched my first risk management website back in 1996. So much has happened since. So much has changed. I am certainly older and wiser.

Risk management is a contact sport. I have 20 years of bruises to show it.

Maybe you have been with me for a while now. Or maybe you are discovering my work for the first time. Either way, welcome!

Let’s stay in touch. The best way to do so is to sign up for my email newsletter.

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