Are you a business person in a difficult risk management role? You’ve come to the right place.

Risk managers are unsung heroes. They make the news when things go wrong. More often, they succeed in silence. It takes a certain kind of person to accept the job—and to do it well.

You can’t do this alone. Risk management is the most challenging executive position you can find, requiring a rare blend of technical skills, business savvy and interpersonal finesse. The learning curve is steep. Most of the information out there is contradictory or just plain wrong.

Failure—and its consequences for your career—is not an option. That is why I am here. My job is to make sure you succeed.

Hi. My name is Glyn Holton. I’m your risk management coach.

Who is Glyn (The Short Version)

I am a mathematician by training. I have worked as an actuary, a quant and a risk manager. My technical skills are formidable, but I am smart enough to know business is about people, not numbers. For over 20 years I have been a risk management coach. My book and journal articles are often cited, but my informal writing—what you read on this website and in my newsletter—is just as influential.

As your risk management coach, I am

  • Your expert on technical aspects of risk management—from hedge ratios to default models;
  • A source of ideas to get your risk management on the right track;
  • A seasoned guide to navigate around hype and hidden traps.
  • An experienced mentor with insights and sage advice;
  • The coach who gets you back on your feet every time you are knocked down.

I transform smart business people into exceptional risk managers. My focus is on your career—making sure YOU succeed. And if you succeed, your COMPANY succeeds.

What I Believe

Here’s what I believe. See if you agree.

  • Risk management is about avoiding mishaps, but it is also about helping companies thrive.
  • Without commitment from the board and CEO, risk management is window dressing.
  • Human interactions are more important than numbers or procedures.
  • At the heart of most business disasters is a conflict of interest.
  • If you strive for anything, strive for transparency.
  • Risk managers have many valuable tools, but ethics is the most valuable.

Ready? Let’s Go!

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