• Is Risk Management a Job or a Career?

    There are few life decisions as consequential as your choice of career. Get it wrong, and you’re in for a ...

How To Start A New Risk Management Job

You finally did it! You landed that senior risk management position at a fabulous firm. The job search took a while, and the vetting was […]

How to Measure VaR for a Pegged Currency

On Friday, I wrote a lighthearted piece challenging criticisms of value-at-risk. The Swiss had abandoned their currency peg; people had lost money; and VaR was […]

Snappy Comeback to Latest Criticism of VaR

Last week, the Swiss pulled their peg, and swissie soared. Part of the fallout—surprise, surprise!—is criticisms of value-at-risk. This time The Economist is leading the […]

A Revelation

I have written about it before, and I am sure I will write about it again. … how financial risks that devastate firms aren’t random […]

List Of Risk Management Failures

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Nowhere is George Santayana’s famous admonition more applicable than in the field of risk […]

High-Frequency Trading: What You Need To Know

You probably already know the basics: that high-frequency trading (HFT) is a style of trading that involves placing, transacting and/or rescinding numerous orders over compressed […]

Book Review: Flash Boys

Michael Lewis has a new book out. It may be more influential than even his 1989 runaway bestseller Liar’s Poker. Called Flash Boys: A Wall […]

Nickels In Front of Bulldozers

There is an old saying on trading floors: Watch the trader who makes consistent money. He is the one who is going to blow up. […]

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